Your Body Wants To Be The Picture of Health

How to Have More Energy ~ Naturally!It’s almost magical that our body craves to be in perfect health. Being in Mind-Body-Spirit balance is what allows you to:- have more energy and clarity of mind- get better sleep- reach your ideal weight with ease- instinctively love exercise- generally feel great and joyfulExperiencing these natural states of our body, is how we are meant to feel! It’s completely normal! That’s the magic!Ancient Primal StructureRemember, your body is an ancient primal organism that hasn’t changed much in eons of time. With the onset of the agricultural and technology eras, our culture has accepted and allowed many toxins, artificial chemicals and preservatives into our Eco and food systems.Our ancient, beautifully functioning bodies do not know how to handle this level of toxicity and begin to slow, clog-up, inflame, create mucus, and generally malfunction. This Dis-ease and inflammation manifests as exhaustion, anxiety, internal malfunctions, cancer and so on….So, My Call to Action for you is to recall what it was like for our bodies before the last 2-3 generations. Re-create your optimal level of nutrition so you can counteract the massive amounts of toxins in our environment. Give yourself the gift of Wonderful Health.Yes, all natural. Nothing artificial. Pure and organic. Yep. It’s really quiet easy and is just returning to a simpler way of living. Returning to and supporting our body’s innate and internal ways of healing.Louise Hay says, “If it grows, eat it. If it doesn’t grow, don’t.” It really is that simple, my dear friend.
Return to what your body already knows. Consciously CREATE an optimally functioning environment for your healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit to operate.
You want to be in prime condition to handle whatever the future will be dishing out!
So for today, lets consider making dietary changes that enhance and support the optimal functioning of our ancient bodies. Consume only pure, natural, energy giving foods. Drink plenty of pure water, get good sleep.
Eliminate sodas, sugars, additives, preservatives, any packaged foods any processed foods.
Just eat naturally occurring foods. Organic, veggies, fruits, whole grains. Very little to no dairy products, and no animal meat. Enjoy some good quality Salmon.
This is a good place to start. We will build on this in future blog posts, articles, programs and newsletters.It’s so sweet and so balanced, energetic and blissful, REALLY. Experience it, give it a month!Let’s take action on this… We will do it together.Love You. Love your body and lets put it back in optimal functioning order. No Problem!Nurse Dyan

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